Fundraising Page Set Up To Support Lee Irving’s Funeral Expenses

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Bev Irving, 42, has been left “heartbroken” by the death of Lee who was found by a shocked resident on a grass verge on Saturday morning.

Police launched a murder investigation following the results of a post-mortem exam and six people have been arrested.

Lee, 24, suffered from learning difficulties and officers confirmed they believe his killing in Fawdon, Newcastle, may have been a disability hate crime.

Alan Robson and the Night Owls on Metro Radio and TFM are hoping to raise enough money to pay for a big send off for the local lad who was taken before his time. Anything you can spare will be great and hopefully we can all pull together to help out his family at the very sad time.

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Attacks on disabled people still rife – one year on from Paralympics triumph…

The Paralympic Games FAILED to improve the lives of disabled people or change the attitudes of the wider public, If anything it has done exactly the opposite, the uneducated wider public think all disabled people can perform like the Supa Crips that took part in the games whereas we know the real truth.

The Disabled participants at the games were used by the politicians and the media to continue the abuse of disabled people on an everyday basis, nothings changed,  a few supa crips have achieved their personal goals forgetting their fellow disabled citizens in the process.

Being abused in the streets and shops is now an everyday thing for disabled people, disabled people are now the new Blacks, how long will it be before abuse of the disabled is taken as seriously as being Black???

Paul Smith – Founder – Atos Victims Group


Success of GB athletes fails to alter attitudes, as poll shows widespread verbal and physical abuse

The vast majority of disabled people in Britain feel there has been no improvement in attitudes towards them a year after the Paralympics and many feel stigmatised as “benefit scroungers” while suffering hostility and abuse, a leading charity has warned.

Campaigners said the sea change in perceptions of people with disabilities generated by the London 2012 Games has been eroded by misleading rhetoric from politicians and within the media about welfare payments and a crisis in living standards for the disabled caused by spending cuts.

Twelve months to the day after the opening ceremony for the Paralympics, the host city for the Games – which thrust athletes such as Jonnie Peacock and Ellie Simmonds into the same spotlight as Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis – has one of the highest rates of attacks on disabled people.

Not even human; Disabled people are no more than names. It has to stop.

The assessments the disabled and mentally ill are being put through (Work Capability Assessments or WCAs) can be incredibly harrowing. If you have a severe mental health condition the impact of an assessment can turn your life upside down for an incredibly long period of time. The same is true for those with severe physical health problems. A trip out of the house can leave an individual stuck in bed for months, for some even getting out of bed is a challenge – I know this from personal experience, as I’ve been there and I still am from time to time, disappointingly wasting away my days stuck in the corner of a sofa, unable to do much for myself.

For some people (myself included) even the thought of leaving the house is a challenge. I know some that, if they actually did walk out the door, it would be considered the achievement of the entire year, yet they’re being forced to do so, to travel away from home, from their comfort zone, and interact with strangers. 

The idea of going to the GP for an appointment, a mere mile away, is enough to induce strings of panic attacks for me, and that’s before I’ve even got my splints and shoes on to get out of the door. And these are on the days I can  get my shoes and splints on by myself, others it’s so difficult I leave without, being wheeled around in my chair by my husband.

The preparation to leave the house is an ordeal, the thought process is a mind maze of emotion and wondering how you’ll manage when you get outside, what if someone speaks to you? What if there’s no drop curbs, or no close parking spaces? What if you face a confrontation over your situation when you pull into the disabled bay? Such confrontations are on the rise, and I have been faced with some lately, despite only having been out of the house a handful of times since last year.

With the WCAs, not only do you have to go through the routine of panic attacks, fear, physical strain of getting ready, physical strain of travelling, you’re then taken to a place which may or may not have disabled access and picked apart. For ESA/DLA/PIP you are asked some soul-crushingly probing questions on the forms about some incredibly intimate or embarrassing parts of your life. How often are you incontinent? Can you wash yourself? Can you cut up your own food? Use the toilet without help? How is your mental health?

How would you feel if you had to tell strangers how often you want to kill yourself, how often you piss or shit yourself, how often you have to be picked up from the toilet or need someone to wash your hair for your as you can’t hold your arms up? Excuse my crudeness, but for some of us this is the reality, and it’s one we’re not allowed to keep to ourselves.

You have to be open and honest when answering these questions, and for someone whose health isn’t exactly the best, it’s a horrific experience. Each time my forms come through there’s an inevitable breakdown. The knives and medication, along with anything else harmful, is locked away. I have to be watched when I shave my legs or cut up food during cooking. I, like so many others, muddle through day-to-day, trying not to think about how severe my problems are. Filling in these forms shatters the illusion that I’ve created that what I’m living is a normal existence, that my pitiful daily routines aren’t that bad. Oh how wrong I am, and every now and then these forms are there to remind me of how wrong, how little hope there is.

When you’ve submitted your forms, dissected your life on paper for a complete stranger to read, you may then have to go through the above ordeal of leaving your home, travelling to a place you don’t know, putting your health (mental and physical) at risk and going through hell. As with being dissected on paper, you’re then questioned by someone from a private company [Atos] who will do the same again. Looking at your forms and trying to pick out inconsistencies with what you say, looking for signs that they could write down to suggest that you’re capable of working.
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Abuse of wheelchair users on London trains

More than four in ten wheelchair users have been verbally or physically abused on trains, a survey has revealed.

Blind and visually impaired passengers have also been targeted, with 41 per cent admitting they had been subjected to abuse on their commute.

In total, more than a quarter of disabled rail travellers said they had suffered a hate crime or abuse, the poll for the Action for Rail campaign showed.

Campaigners fear proposed railway staff cuts will only heighten the abuse, with 14,000 guards potentially being lost in the next six years.

from The Metro 24/4/2013

Independent Living fund being cut, not reformed, 30th April 2013

On Wednesday a group of five disabled people lost a judicial review in the High Court over the Government’s plan to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF), a resource which enables them to live independent lives.

The group have since decided to appeal this decision.

Independent living enables disabled people with high support needs to be in control of when and how they receive assistance with everyday tasks.  It’s about choosing when you get up, go to the toilet, eat a meal, get dressed, go out etc.  Many of us would argue that these are basic human rights which non-disabled people tend to take for granted.  But when a person is unable to perform such tasks for themselves, a cost gets attached to them and people’s rights get forgotten.

Furthermore, this cut is nothing to do with the now-familiar rhetoric of scroungers and cheats.  It is directly aimed at around 19,000 disabled people with the highest support needs.  Just off the top of my head, we users of the ILF include actors, TV presenters, PhD students, chief executives, consultants, trainers, a life peer and at least two stand-up comedians.  Many of us have pushed the boundaries for disability rights in our communities and/or respective fields of work.  I believe our society as a whole will be the poorer if we have to move into residential institutions, as many of us fear will happen, because funding is no longer available for us to live independently in the community……………….

Furthermore the papers emphasise focusing on “the key message that this is about reform, not cuts”.  This is despite the fact that ILF funding will only be transferred to local authorities for one year after its closure, after which time it will disappear altogether.  I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a cut to me!

from the Tndependent Newspaper{%22532097600164928%22%3A370424029745912}&action_type_map={%22532097600164928%22%3A%22the-independent%3Astrongly_agree%22}&action_ref_map=[]

Abuse against disabled whilst shopping 21st April 2013

Elle J Morgan I had abuse last week, i went into my local shop premier stores and there was a neighbour in there, I said hi and stated how she was waiting for council and how they were late etc, after a brief chat to me off she went…the sales assistant said ‘ she has no business complaining seeing as she’s a sponger, doesn’t work and has a free house I know for a fact this neighbour worked up unti a year or two ago and was on a temp contract…so my head went cos I have a chronic spinal condition and fibro and have been in the WRAG for 4 years…So I said we’ll I’m on benefits, could happen to anyone, you never know what’s round the corner…Up she pipes how the state and her are paying for all my kids cos I have lots of them (I have 3) I said no I have a bad back ..yeah right she says, pull the other one .(I have OA in entire spine and have had 3 ops to correct disc and nerve issues, now told no treatment just pain relief, have neck compression..Also have OA in arms and foot, I am up to 70mcg buprenorphine among other meds,which isn’t just given for an ache !) …she starts going on about being sick of paying for people like us, so I said well did you pay for your kids births or schooling cos if not then u r too a claimant…and I went..I was so angry..still am, it was the first time I’d felt well enough to go to the shop in nearly a year…
(comment) I posted a similar story last week, a friend has muscular dystrophy , he has always worked and owns his own home. He parked in a disabled bay and was getting his walking frame out the boot when a man pushed him over shouting”get a f@# job there’s nothing wrong with you”.
(comment) there’s more and more of this happening – I’ve experienced a friend being spat at for being in a wheelchair.
(comment) Someone living near me is in his 40s and has had a stroke. He has had “you f***ing dole scrounger stop pretending & get a job!” shouted at him many times!
(comment)The other week I was told by a random complete stranger in the streetthat I was fit for nothing !I have cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair