It’s not ‘Welfare’, its ‘Benefits’

It’s not welfare, its Benefits. We have all paid National Insurance. Insurance policies give benefits. Welfare sounds like its some sort of charity, it isn’t. It’s the benefits of insurance that we have paid into all our lives. So what if you have been unable to work all your life because of a disability, are bringing up small children, become unemployed, become disabled, or get too old to work. Those who are lucky enough to be able to pay in from our salaries were (and are, mostly) happy to share those benefits with you. There but for the grace of god go I, etc.

The Tories are very clever with language. It’s not ‘workfare’ or ‘compulsory unpaid work’, its ‘mandatory work activity’. Its not ‘Incapacity Benefit’, its ‘Employment and Support Allowance’. its not ‘Work Training’ its ‘Work Related Activities’. They want us to call it welfare because they want it to sound like a charity, not like our rights in a scheme we all pay in to.

2 thoughts on “It’s not ‘Welfare’, its ‘Benefits’

  1. Also, every single one of us pays taxes. Irrespective if we work or not. This happens every time we shop since Value Added Tax (VAT) gets deducted on every purchase – food, utilities, bills.* Then we have Council Tax, stamp duty, inheritance tax, etc. as well as National Insurance (NI).

    Furthermore, it can be rightfully argued that people raising children or caring for sick or elderly family members are also working. However they never get a wage, only benefits, for the work they do. A fact that leaves a lot of women with crap pensions if they happened to take “time off” to raise families or care for others.

    So let’s debunk this neoliberal myth of Hard Working Tax Payers…

    * unless we specifically get excluded from VAT as business owners. But then other taxes apply

  2. i agree with you ,i have epilepsy,this puts pressure on my life having to work becoming ill ,just because my partner pays my bills working i am left with nothing,he has no money either,get DLA once a month cannot afford to pay my council tax this is more than my rent this govenment rubbish she can have her hair cut cake and eat it i cannot”

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