DWP Is Using Lost Letters To Cut Spending

“The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is using lost appointment letters for face-to-face assessments as an excuse for turning down disabled people’s benefit claims, to help it cut spending on social security, it has been claimed.

Concerns have been raised about both the government’s new personal independence payment (PIP) – which helps meet a person’s disability-related costs – and employment and support allowance (ESA), the out-of-work sickness and disability benefit.”

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In a sickening insult a woman with dementia praised by David Cameron has had her benefits cut by Tories

Joy has worked hard to show people it is possible to enjoy life with dementia and help others

A woman praised by David Cameron as an ‘ambassador’ for people living with Alzheimer’s has had her benefits stopped.

Joy Watson, from Eccles, has been left struggling to pay bills after an assessment by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decided she was able to look after herself. This means she has £400 less each month.

The 59-year-old, who was diagnosed four years ago, was forced to give up her job as a carer. But showing remarkable fortitude she became a champion for people with dementia giving lectures raising awareness, teaching nursing students and showing local businesses how to help those with the condition. Her efforts earned her a doctorate and praise from the former Prime Minister Mr Cameron.

Her husband Tony says he and his wife can’t understand how anyone could think she could look after herself. Joy is unable to cook meals or even hold a cup of tea properly and mixes up vital medication if left to manage on her own.

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PIP investigation: 200 cases of dishonesty… and still DWP, Atos and Capita refuse to act

The government and its private sector contractors are refusing to investigate claims of widespread dishonesty in the benefits assessment industry, despite Disability News Service (DNS) collecting more than 200 such cases.

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‘I can’t breathe and can barely walk’ Shock as gran who is in pain 24 hours a day ruled fit for work only weeks after suffering a stroke

Pauline Pike has battled cancer, uses a nebuliser to help her breathe and has just suffered her second stroke – but hardhearted benefits bosses have ordered her to find a job.

A shocked gran who battled cancer and suffers chronic breathing problems has been told she’s fit for work – just weeks after having a stroke.

Pauline Pike has a history of health problems stretching back more than 30 years including cancer, diverticulitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and asthma.

She has also had a kidney removed and suffered her second stroke six weeks ago.

Yet hardhearted benefits bosses have just told her they’re taking away her benefit payments and ordered her to find a job.

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Government guidelines for PIP assessment: a political redefinition of the word ‘objective’

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Thousands of disabled people have already lost their specialist Motability vehicles because of Conservative PIP cuts and many more are likely to be affected.

Personal Independence Payment is a non means tested benefit for people with a long-term health condition or impairment, whether physical, sensory, mental, cognitive, intellectual, or any combination of these. It is an essential financial support towards the extra costs that ill and disabled people face, to help them lead as full, active and independent lives as possible.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have issued a guidance document for providers carrying out assessments for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which was updated last month. It can be found here: PIP Assessment Guide.

The DWP Chief Medical Officer states that this is a supplementary guidance, in addition to “the contract documents agreed with providers as part of the commercial process, providing guidance for health professionals [HPs]…

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Terminally-ill cancer patients among hundreds appealing PIP decisions

A Suffolk MP has pledged to take up disability benefit problems with ministers after this newspaper revealed how hundreds of disabled people in the region had been wrongly stripped of money.

Cancer charity Macmillan said even terminally-ill people in Suffolk had been forced to go before tribunals to get the benefit called Personal Independence Payments (PIP) back.

As reported yesterday, around two thirds of claimants who appeal decisions to take away their PIP in Norfolk and Suffolk are successful. PIP was introduced by the Government in 2013 to replace Disability Living Allowance and cut the welfare bill.

But claimants said the PIP assessments, where they are given points to decide whether or not they qualify for the benefit of up to £141 a week, causes stress and frustration.

Macmillan’s benefits manager for Suffolk, Cathy Cunningham Elliot, said it was vital cancer patients had timely access to financial help.

Peter Aldous, Conservative MP for Waveney, said he would be taking up PIP problems with Government ministers.

“In the past four to five months there has been a significant increase in the number of people who have come to see us who have failed PIP assessments and they shouldn’t have failed to my mind,” he said. “The fact they are ultimately successful in appeals would indicate the assessments which are currently taking place need to be reviewed. That is a point I’m making to the Government.”

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Coxhoe man left almost blind in road accident ruled fit to work just weeks after coming out of coma

BENEFIT assessors have ruled a man left almost blind by a road accident as fit to work – just weeks after he came out of a coma.

Alex Howe, from Coxhoe, County Durham, is blind in one eye and has severely reduced visibility in the other, struggles to walk and has lost hearing in one ear. He was left reeling when he was told he is not eligible for disability benefits.

The father-of-one said: “It feels like I’m being called a liar. It’s a big weight on me. I can’t believe it.”

Mr Howe was seriously injured in a crash on February 2, when he was thrown into a metal post after his motorbike collided with a car near the Poachers Pub in Metal Bridge, between Coxhoe and Spennymoor.

After being airlifted to hospital, the 35-year-old was in a coma for ten days and had to spend almost two months in hospital recovering. He had a fractured face, back and ribs, and punctured lungs.

Mr Howe, who was a chef at KFC before the accident, was discharged from hospital on March 30 and applied for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Following an assessment, he found out this week that he was not eligible for the disability benefit.

He said: “It gets you down not being able to do stuff for myself. I can’t even play games with my daughter. I used to be able to cook anything and the other day I nearly set fire to the house making a bacon sandwich. It feels like the assessment has been written about someone else.”

read more here: http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/15381175.Man_left_almost_blind_in_road_accident_ruled_fit_to_work_just_weeks_after_coming_out_of_coma/?ref=fbshr