How the Universal Credit bureaucracy can screw your chance of paying rent

From Kate Belgrave’s  blog

This story will give you an idea of some of the reasons why people can end up with rent arrears when they’re trying to set up a Universal Credit claim.

It should also give you an idea why some jobcentre meetings drive me to the brink.


I recently attended a meeting at Croydon jobcentre with a woman who has been trying to sort out the housing component of her Universal Credit claim for several months (I’ve posted a short transcript from the meeting below).

You’ll see from the transcript that the meeting was ludicrous.

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Housing benefit claimants increasingly shut out of private rental market

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Westminster Council goes 16th Century on the homeless

Mike also put up a post yesterday reporting that Westminster council has decided on another authoritarian way of dealing with homelessness. They’re going to round them up and send them to other councils outside the borough from January 30th. The council’s excuse for this disgraceful policy is that it’s to combat the high cost of […]

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Islington Council won’t rehouse this severely disabled person -appalling video of their struggle just to get in and out of the house.

Alex is severely disabled. Bedbound 90% of the time, unable to use  hands or feet, with life threatening hemiplegic migraines, which cause: stroke-like symptoms, paralysis, seizures, slurring, loss of consciousness, and can lead to coma and death. In excruciating pain, suffering asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and with gait abnormalities in their hands and feet.

Occupational therapy assessed Alex and referred them for a ground-floor, wheelchair-accessible flat in the local area for their support network and GP catchment area. The OT also referred Alex for an electric wheelchair.

Islington Council refuse to give Alex’s rehousing a Category A priority (which is intended for “households where a member of the household has an immediately life-threatening or progressive condition which is seriously affected by their current accommodation.”)

As of December 2016, Alex has spent 7/8 months fighting the council over rehousing and 18 months fighting social services for DPS care.

This video shows the severe problems Alex has leaving and accessing their flat as this involves a hallway and three flights of stairs.

If you agree this is a gross injustice, you can contact the following:

Emily Thornberry MP
Richard Watts @RichardWatts01
Cora Nicholls

One in 48 people homeless in Barnet, figures reveal

Figures from Shelter reveal Barnet is eleventh-worst area in UK for homelessness, Barnet Council respond

One in every 48 people is homeless in Barnet, according to newly-released figures.

Homelessness charity Shelter released a run-down last week of the top 50 hotspots for homelessness in the UK, with areas of London taking up the first 17 places.

Barnet comes eleventh with a total of 7,740 people throughout the borough of no fixed abode.

Of this total, 7,719 people are living in temporary accommodation and 21 people are sleeping rough.

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