Leaked jobcentre newsletter urges staff to improve on sanctions targets

Fresh written proof comes as head of Jobcentre Neil Couling claimed previous leaks pointed to an isolated incident.

Fresh written proof has been leaked showing that jobcentre staff are being set targets to sanction benefit claimants, and warned they will face disciplinary action if they do not meet the targets.

The document, from the Malvern jobcentre newsletter, came as the head of the Department for Work and Pensions [DWP] estate, Neil Couling, insisted a previous leak to the Guardian showing targets was, he believed, “an isolated incident and not something that is widespread”.

The government has agreed to hold a 12-month inquiry into the sanctions regime, but Labour is pressing for a quicker inquiry that looks at specific allegations.

The Malvern jobcentre newsletter states: “We are now into the new sanctions regime … and we are currently one of the worst performing offices with sanction benefit referrals and unless we improve we will put under special measures. That will mean staff from other offices and the performance team coming into Malvern and looking at all our processes to see how we can improve our SBR [stricter benefit regime] performance.”

The newsletter adds that the jobcentre will have “little say” on subsequent recommendations and its staff may have their “personal individual performances” monitored to “achieve the end result”. “We do not want this,” the newsletter goes on. “My plea to you is to identify SBR issues and refer to DMA [sanctioning] where appropriate.” The document, passed to LabourList, adds that overall performance should be 5% of the “live load”.

Yet in a letter received by many jobcentre staff on Monday , Couling denies there are national targets for applying sanctions and adds that “individual targets should not appear in performance agreements”.

He says: “We do keep management information on the numbers of referrals but that is to monitor for anomalies, for example it might highlight where there are higher numbers of sanctions than one might expect. They are not league tables.” He defends the tougher regime introduced in September, including greater requirements to provide regular evidence of efforts to seek work.

He states: “Sanctions and conditionality are important tools for advisers in helping people back to work. The international and national evidence shows they play an important role in making the system work effectively and people return to work more quickly and spend less time on benefits where public employment systems make use of sanctions.

“Where sanctions are appropriate they should, without hesitation, be used. So if you are an adviser you should not be surprised if, from time to time, your manager does challenge you about whether you are applying the sanctions regime appropriately. That is right and proper and that will continue. This challenge though does not constitute a target, nor is it evidence of one.”

But Liam Byrne, the shadow work and pensions secretary, said: “There is now clear evidence of a nationwide culture of targets, league tables and intimidation at the heart of the Department for Work and Pensions sanctions regime.

Iain Duncan Smith‘s point-blank denial has been exposed as a complete falsehood. We will demand the independent review is set up immediately so it can begin the job of putting the DWP’s house back in order.”

Numerous jobcentre staff have contacted the Guardian since last Friday’s story on targets for sanctions to claim such targets are part of the culture at their workplaces.

17 thoughts on “Leaked jobcentre newsletter urges staff to improve on sanctions targets

  1. who is going to step in, and stop unlawful sanctions, the dwp, and the government are quite happy to let it continue, and if they are questioned, the government, in particular IDS, just bring in another law in their favour, how is anyone going to win against these LAW MAKERS.?

    • you could Join radical Islam, Create a political party and lead them to general election victory, Blow up all government buildings, Follow Hitler’s methods and seize power the nazi way, kill them all like spartacus, Win all the worlds lotteries and employ every unemployed person, Steal and sell drugs so you dont have to make any contact with them and finally my favourite, Get every STD going even the ones from the 90’s like VD, then use your sultry powers of seduction to work your way into the sex pit with the entire DWP, it works too, the Army loses more money in sick days due to STD’s than any other illness’.

      • I think that bit about having sex with enough people in the DWP to infect them with some plague is a little fanciful. Based on my experience there’e and unusually large number of wankers employed in that department of government who probably wouldn’t want to be unfaithful to the person they love the most – themselves.

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  4. get rid of camaron ,and his scum ,ian d s etc etc,worse than saddam and hitler put together,nothing but hell bent on filling thier own bank accounts and destroying families lives by putting them and their children onto the streets.wheres the social services now then

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  7. They all try to lie so be warned everyone,,have everythin in writing and dont sign iff you dont have too. I question everything and they hate it as they cant get past me,,,their SADDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!. They think their doctors now,,,tryin to question you about your health. What??????. No WAy !!!!.

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  9. For gods sake we need an uprising to these despots, and put them and their spoilt rich families through everything they are putting thousands of people through, I don’t believe they are actually human, are they really just social cleansing or trying to ring down the population? What are we going to do?!

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  11. I have been told that I am fit for work my esa stoped on the 23rd may I have had no money from them I am appealing how long does this take thanks

    • Hi

      It can take several weeks for the mandatory reconsideration. Once this piece of internal DWP bureaucracy is completed you can appeal to the Tribunal which is the real appeal. Once you appeal to tribunal you go onto ESA assessment rate and only have to hand in sicknotes till the actual Tribunal. The Tribunal is run by the Court service, is completely independent and there isan actual doctor on the panel. Until the tribunal the only people to have looked at your claim are very junior DWP minions (decisionmakers) with no medical background.

      • Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you have been granted the appeal (as in you won it) that it means anything , i waited 9months struggling with a Peter and Paul situation to live , now being granted an appeal . The DWP are now saying i have to WAIT , and there is NO time limit. Now with all that has happened the SUICIDE rate and everything else attached the Stigma. How low can these people be to push people to the brink of suicide and then keep the pressure on. This situation has been Engineered people and one day this will be released no doubt next Century to come when everyone has forgotten the past, you know how it goes. To me all these Deaths could of been avoided , plus there are no official figures because they are to cowardice to fetch the real figures. So i may have had attempts on my life in the past BUT I ASSURE YOU DWP you will NEVER get me to end my life on account of you…

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