Accounts of the effects of UK benefit changes in 2013-2014.

April 2013.  So many heartbreaking stories of helpless, vulnerable people being made destitute by the UK’s benefit  payment changes. The government has introduced a number of huge changes over just a few months, whilst at the same time removing legal aid for disputed benefit claims. In real terms the cuts mean less income and more outgoings for the very poorest in the UK, most of whom are in low paid work and/or disabled.  Many affected people are trying to help each other on social media sites. The stories are terrible, and there are many such stories every day. I am copying and pasting a few of these personal histories here. I have removed the names but I have included links to the original sources.

July 2013.   Since starting this blog the cumulative effects of so many people being thrown into destitution all at once are becoming hard to ignore. The data is beginning to be produced, and more and more articles are appearing in newspapers and other sources, from the Daily Telegraph to the Socialist Worker. I am also going to post these here. The blog will continue to highlight personal accounts, but will also have factual articles found online and shared here.

I do not generally add my own commentary or opinions to these posts, I’d rather let them speak for themselves.

If you are as outraged as I am by this sustained attack  on the ill and unemployed, the low paid and the disabled, please share these stories as widely as you can.

7 thoughts on “Accounts of the effects of UK benefit changes in 2013-2014.

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  3. The true mark of a truly civilised society is marked by how the poorest and most vulnerable are treated the coalition governments record in this regard is shocking Britain is a G8 country a member of the group of the richest nations in the world. The united nations sent a representative to Britain the U N attacked the coalition Governments bedroom tax attacks on the young the working poor the disabled are mounting week by week camerons coalition Government attack and vilify the weakest in our society if you are sick you get attacked without mercy. yet the bankers whose greed toppled us in to this recession get bonuses and a huge bailout paid for by the taxpayer not one prosecution for this greedy self serving incompetent band of dishonest robbers im talking about the bankers and spivs. propped by a morally and ethically bankruptTory government and there liberal lapdogs.barbarism thats what the coalition are ushering in.

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