Now finally I can concentrate on getting my health in order

I wont go into detail but suffice to say I recently had my 3rd atos assessment, after being failed on my first though a combination the assessor lying several times and contradicting herself no less then 4 times on 1 page I appealed, which after 11 months of waiting was granted in 3 minutes by the court. My second was with the same assessor and I barely passed as again she was woefully inaccurate. So around comes my third assessment, this was with a completely different assessor and low and behold I received a letter a few weeks later placing int o the support group, So now finally I can concentrate on getting my health in order.

Bedridden stage 3 heart failure patient refused attendence allowance

Despite having had 3 heart attacks within two hours,spending 3 weeks in ICU and now having stage 3 heart failure I have just received the dreaded brown envelope stating that my appeal against the DWP’S refusal to give me attendance allowance (used to pay for a carer) has failed,This despite the fact that I am bed ridden and my wife looks after all my personal needs 24/7.


From the facebook page ‘Atos Mirtacles’ 31st July 2013

The truth is this though…………they have reduced my benefit from £100 a week to £17 a week!!!

After being moved to the Work Related Activity Group on 24/05/12, I appealed and today I attended my tribunal in front of a JP and a GP only to be told that due to my copy of the relevant documents not being sent to me they would not consider it today!!!! I contacted the necessary departments weeks ago after discovering that a set had been sent to my representative but none to me and apart from their obvious lack of interest they told me to “just turn up”!!!! So with the around trip of 42 miles I did!! I now have to wait for another date.
Over the last 13 years I have been assessed, treated, pensioned off by the NHS etc and at 60 years of age to arrive at this point because a “registered nurse” advises that “this person meets the criteria for having limited capability for work” and her Prognosis is “I advise that a return to work is unlikely in the longer term”
The truth is this though…………they have reduced my benefit from £100 a week to £17 a week!!!

That at the end of the day is what it is all about.”

From the facebook page “The Peoplevs the Government, DWP and ATOS, 31st July 2013

The Human Side of Housing Processes

Love, Belief and Balls

Steven was awake at 4am this morning, having a full scale meltdown. Crying. Trying to rip his duvet. Pleading for reassurance to the question – “Don’t want new Uxbridge house people keep all Steven Neary’s CDs”. It lasted until 5.30am.

The cat is out of the bag now. I’m struggling enough to contain my anxiety but now that Steven knows we’ve got to move soon, his anxiety has kicked in big time. The day before last, the doorbell went at 8.30 in the evening and it was the new tenants wanting to measure up for curtains. They were excited, full of questions and oblivious to the distress they were causing Steven. I sent them away but it was too late.

15 days to go.

When I sat in the housing benefit office 330 days ago and was delivered the bad news about them stopping my benefit, I never dreamed that…

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This is how we ‘Benefit Scroungers’ operate.

raided my pennies jar and scraped enough together to get some bread, milk and potatoes.Shamefully made my way to the local Co-op. feeling very down. Almost Jumped for joy when I found bread AND potatoes reduced to 50p and 70p respectively. Feebly handed over my fistful of small change and skulked off home. Such is the way we Benefit Scroungers operate David Cameron.

From the Facebook page ‘The People vs the Government, DWP and ATOS’, 30th July 2013

10 Things You Should Know About Universal Credit – PCS Factsheet

Birmingham Against The Cuts

10 things you should know about universal creditThe rollout of Universal Credit has been delayed again, so come October only 10 jobcentres will be processing Universal Credit claims and then only for single person claimants, the simplest category to face the biggest welfare reforms in decades at a time when advice centres are losing funding and closing. However, the plan is still to have this thing rolled out nationally by 2017, so here are 10 things you should know about Universal Credit, courtesy of the PCS Union.

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