Disabled people three times as likely to be sanctioned by the DWP as find a job

Irvine MSP says ‘shocking’ DWP sanction system is completely discredited

A DISABLED person is three times as likely to be sanctioned by the DWP as to find a job, according to evidence given to the Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee by Inclusion Scotland.

Social Security Committee member and Irvine MSP Ruth Maguire said the ‘shocking’ system is now completely discredited.

New powers will allow the Scottish Government to design new employment services for disabled people and those at risk of long-term unemployment.

Third sector groups giving evidence to the committee welcomed the Scottish Government’s commitment to ending the use of sanctions in devolved work schemes.

University of Glasgow academics found that the Tory sanctions regime has “detrimental financial, material, emotional and health impacts” and pushes job seekers into debt and reliance on foodbanks.

A report by the National Audit Office last year revealed that the administrative costs of the brutal benefit sanctions system dwarves the income removed from those on lowest incomes.

Ruth said: “The Tory sanctions regime is completely discredited – not only has it been shown to cause severe hardship, but the cost of administration dwarves the money saved by stopping benefits.


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