Coeliac and diabetic woman denied any money for weeks, told she has no evidence of hardship!

She was left on the hottest day of the year with a 10 mile stroll home with no fluids or food en-route
This was posted on the facebook page The People Vs The Government, DWP and Atos

Anon please

A mutual friend suggested contacting you with yet another sorry tale about this caring Government. It’s a tale you probably hear numerous times every day.

Couple of weeks ago my 18 year daughter is sent to hospital by her (zero hour agency) employer. The reason was unrelated to her medical conditions – Type 1 Diabetes & Coeliac Disease.
Whilst she was waiting at the hospital to be seen the agency called, enquired how she was and told her they were letting her go.

So off she goes to claim UC and accepts 4 week placement at another JCP for admin experience. They issue a bus pass as its 10 miles from home. They also decide she needs to continue weekly visits to the original JCP 10 miles in the opposite direction. She complies.

Then they decide that she can’t go on the placement (no reason given). At her next appointment at signing JCP (today) she explains she has no money and has special dietary needs which is more expensive. Requests either a hardship advance or early action of her UC claim.

Helpfully the JCP said she wasn’t entitled to any advance payment as she couldn’t prove hardship – despite her showing bank statement with £1.21 in account. Told her she would have to wait until July 21st before she would receive any money. Then thoughtfully they asked her for her buss pass which they cut-up.
This left her on the hottest day of the year with a 10 mile stroll home with no fluids or food en-route.

Helpful aren’t they ??

I’ve told her to contact her MP as we live apart – luckily hers is Frank Field. If she had been really unlucky she’d live here with Stephen Crabb the most useless MP in existence and Welsh Sec. to boot so that would be a waste of even an email.

Thought you might like add her tale to your list !!


7 thoughts on “Coeliac and diabetic woman denied any money for weeks, told she has no evidence of hardship!

  1. These people need to be held to account over their inhumane treatment of people and their intent behind their decisions and so they should be help responsible for any issues which then occur from their behaviour and demands.
    As they knowingly put this lady in danger then a result of deliberate consequence should be held up for account by these people.
    This is outrageous.

    • I would love to know how we can hold these people “To Account”, they are above the law and they know it. They work for you is a BIG lie, much like the big society.

  2. This is appalling, just one thing though. Her gluten free diet shouldn’t be expensive. She should be getting gluten free products, quantity as recommended by the Coeliac Society,on NHS prescription. Also calcium, iron and vitamin supplements if necessary. If she is diabetic and being treated with insulin or tablets, ALL her prescriptions FOR ANYTHING should be free. She should have a Medical Exemption Certificate from her doctor. Tell her to grab it quickly before they do away with that as well!

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