From Call Boys to Strippers & Grinders … Jobs Advertised at the Jobcentre!

The ramblings of a former DWP Civil Servant ...

Badger [5491]

Ball grinder [8125]

Bandyman [8111]

Batman [6231]

Beater’s assistant [8121]

Beater-up [8111]

Behinder [8117]

Belly roller [8114]

Blanket raiser [8113]

Body mounter [8132]

Boner [5431 5433]

Boring engineer [8123]

Bottom filler [5413]

Bottomer [8121 8125 5413]

Box hand [9134 9139 5421]

Bruiser [5213 also Bruiser (leather dressing)]

Bumper [8113 8122 8125]

Burster [8122]

Butt suspender [8114]

Call boy [6215]

Can dodger [8113]

Carpenter-diver [5315]

Chick sexer [9119]

Chopperman [8121]

Doper [8114, 8139]

Duffer [9139]

Flasher [5491]

Fluffer [8114]

Drifter [8122, 8123]

Eye puncher [8125]

False twister [8113]

Farmer’s wife [9111]

Fat boiler [8114]

Fish nobber [5433]

Hanger-on [8122, 9141]

Hemp cutter [8113]

Hooker [8113, 8117, 9139]

Humper [9139]

Pig dehairer [5431]

Pouncer [5419]

Puffer [8139]

Puller-off [9121, 9139]

Ring doffer [8113]

Ransacker [8133]

Ripper [8122]

Skull breaker [8117]

Slugger [8119, 8139]

Skiver [8114, 8129, 5413]

Smearer [5419]

Sniffer [8133

Sponger [5491]

Stripper and grinder [8129]

Swinger [8113]


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What happened when she recorded her jobcenter interview.

Here’s a calm, assertive lady who knows her rights trying to assert them and record a job centre interview.

The video speaks for itself. But if anyone is in this position and wants to know what their rights are , I’ve copied the Freedom of Information Request reply from the Department of  Work and Pensions, stating exactly what a claimant’s rights are in videoing their jobcenter interview. You’ll find it below the video.

FOI3032 Response 04.07.13.pdf

Recordings by claimants during
interviews, telephone calls etc 

Claimant publishes recording on the internet
Claimants may seek to record a telephone conversation or an interview with 
DWP either openly or covertly using digital recording devices such as 
cameras, microphones and mobile phones.  There are a number of reasons 
why the Department should stop this happening in open plan public 
spaces. Jobcentre Plus has particular guidance on this here. 
A key concern is that if the claimant is visiting DWP premises such as a 
Jobcentre, and is using, or intends to use, their recording equipment, in an 
open plan area they could record other claimants’ personal information. This 
is not acceptable.  
If the claimant insists on recording their interview, a private interview
room must be used. Where such a facility is not available on site and no 

other solution is possible, arrangements to use an alternative Jobcentre Plus 
office will need to be considered. 
Staff should also be aware that interviews can be recorded where it is a
“reasonable adjustment” requirement under the Equality Act 2010. If
necessary speak to your local Disability Equality Adviser who can
facilitate this.  

If a claimant indicates that they intend to make a recording of a conversation 
or interview and staff involved are uncomfortable about being recorded, the 
matter should be raised with local management. Another member of staff who 
is less concerned about being recorded can take the call or conduct the 
interview. This may take time and a future appointment may be necessary.  
A claimant may resort to threatening to record, or actually record, telephone 
calls or interviews as a last resort if they are unhappy about the way they 
have been dealt with by DWP. It may be more appropriate to resolve the 
underlying service issue in which case they may not feel the need to record 
their dealings with DWP. 

This guidance is currently under review and guidance will be published here in
due course. If you have any queries, please contact Information Management,
Devolution and Governance.
For guidance about the Department’s own routine recording of telephone calls
with claimants please click here.

You can find more information on this Freedom of informat