PIP man cannot reach hospital for cancer x-rays after loss of Motability car

A disabled man who lost a leg to bone cancer says he has been left unable to travel to hospital for vital x-rays, after crucial evidence was ignored by an assessor testing his eligibility for the new disability benefit.

Tom Carter (pictured) was awarded the enhanced mobility rate of personal independence payment (PIP) last year after an above-knee amputation.

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Loss of woman’s Motability car ‘shows how vicious PIP reforms are’

A disabled woman has lost the car she relied on to attend vital hospital appointments, after the government decided she no longer needed higher level mobility support without bothering to carry out a face-to-face assessment of her needs.

Jo Jones, from Stockport, had her Motability vehicle removed today (Thursday) because of the decision to reduce the amount she receives for mobility support through the new personal independence payment (PIP).

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Thousands of disability claimants lose cars in cuts

Figures obtained by ITV News have revealed that around 100 disability claimants are losing their car benefit every week.

According to Motability, who lease cars and powered wheelchairs to the disabled, 3,000 out of 8,000 of their customers who have so far been reassessed have lost their eligibility for the scheme and have therefore had to give up their vehicles.

And this could rise to more than 100,000.

Those affected have been left angry, isolated and confused. They feel nothing about their condition has improved – but the way they are being treated has worsened.

The charity Motability says it has seen drivers having to leave their car leasing scheme as their Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is replaced with a new benefit called Personal Independent Payment (PIP).

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EVICTED: Mum and daughter sleeping in Ford Mondeo in Tesco car park

“Eating, sleeping and cleaning are not priorities at the moment” admits Beverly Clark, who says she has nowhere to live after being evicted by Milton Keynes Council.

“We use public toilets to clean and if we have a bit of spare money, we’ll rent a cheap hotel room for a bit of luxury – but that’s a rarity.

“We barely sleep because we’re scared, and it’s hardly comfortable.

“We’ve given up everything. It’s a nightmare, [my daughter] Deryn can’t go to college and I can’t look for a job in these conditions. It’s a never-ending cycle. I can’t win.”

For the last two months, the pair have tended to park their blue Ford Mondeo in supermarket car parks, where they feel safer, beneath the bright lights. Quieter, darker areas are just “not safe for two girls to be sleeping alone in a car.”

Beverly, 38, and 17-year-old Deryn, found themselves without a home after falling behind with the rent on their council-owned Bletchley home.  The pair were evicted from Cherwell House, Derwent Drive, on Wednesday, September 3.

Beverly said: “We have nobody. I have no family here. I am my own support network and my daughter’s support network.”

According to Milton Keynes Council, Beverly has made the pair “intentionally homeless” by failing to pay the rent for the 10 months she and her daughter resided at the two-bedroom flat since December 27, 2013.

By her own admission, Beverly, who says she suffers with depression, did not fill in the required housing application document in time, nor chase up its whereabouts when it apparently went missing.

A spokesman for the council told MKWeb: “We have tried very hard to help Ms Clark, who did not make any rent payments for the duration of her tenancy, despite our repeated efforts to work with her, and help her. There is a discretionary housing payments scheme, but we will only normally assist people to whom we have a statutory duty to house. Because of the issues with Ms Clark’s tenancy, we found her to be intentionally homeless, and therefore not eligible for help from this fund.

Assessed as ‘Fit to Work’ – but can’t sign on as unemployed because he’s ‘too disabled’!

Im writing this on behalf of my dad, hes disabled and has been 20 years. he was on disability for life. He had his atos assesment a while ago and determined he was fit for work {although he is NOT anyone seeing how he is can tell he’s not}

They took his ESA away from him and then told him he cant claim for JSA!?! Fighting that at the moment and have appealed to know avail, now going to tribunal to fight it in sept.

My Dad has had a motability car for many years due to his disability, he had another atos assesment at home for that one. They lowered his care from high rate to middle rate, took my mothers carers allowance off her as she was his carer…and guess what…hes now been told they’ve taken mobility off him completely and now going to take his car away..he can barely walk properly atm.

They are now leaving him virtually a prisoner in his own home. And guess how he found this out…his 3 year lease on his current car is over next month and just put in for his next one, they’ve blocked it…it took someone from the garage to let him know. Hes foned up dwp and they refuse to talk about it until he gets a letter.

Whats even worse about all this my dad suffers from depression and has done for many years. this could be what tips him over the edge. Ive personally had enough of all this, this country now stands for the death of the masses that cant help themselves.


From the facebook page ‘The People vs the Government, DWP and ATOS’, 2nd August 2013