If you are on Universal Credit you’d better not get ill

A recent phone query revealed yet another serious problem with Universal Credit. Frank rang us on behalf of his daughter, Jen, who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. Jen is on Universal Credit and was caught by the last throws of the Work Programme, so she can look forward to two years of being given useless things to do. However, going to the Work Programme provider was making her conditions worse – especially when they shut her in the computer room – so she has had to ask her doctor for help. When Frank contacted us Jen had just handed in her second six-week ‘fit note’, and was worried about being sanctioned if she didn’t go to her Work Programme appointment.

Read more of this article from scottishunemployedworkers.net here: If you are on Universal Credit you’d better not get ill


One thought on “If you are on Universal Credit you’d better not get ill

  1. i have to agree with the above comment I’m from the north of Scotland and getting our credit sorted has caused us nothing but misery. I had to leave my job due to heart problems which the dvla has to remove my licence to drive service vehicals I had to get a sick note from my doctor then I had another attack and had to get another sick line but the jobcentre advisor wasn’t going to accept it saying it was different from the first attack almost stating that the doctor was lying. the u.c advise go online put in details of your new sick note details then you get a message in your to do list now come into the office to show us your line macking you do double the work and while waiting for all this to go through our council advise us they are going to evict us due to rent arrears due not being paid from universal credit.

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