Another Universal Credit fiasco

This appeared on my Facebook feed today:

“I asked to join this group to find out if my experience with UC is normal, I would be grateful of any advice offered.
I was made redundant at the end of February I phoned the helpline and was told I would be entitled to UC I had an appointment come through and followed every single patronising, degrading judgemental rule in the UC book, I attended every appointment with my “work coach” who although pleasant enough robotically told me how wonderful UC is for the likes of me.
I applied for so many jobs I lost count and despite not spending the ridiculous 30 hours per week job searching I had at least an interview a week, I received a payment for April eventually but this did not include a rent payment, although I had paid my rent for March obviously my last wage packet wasn’t enough to cover April, I hadn’t been on any benefits before I lost my job.
My landlord was less than sympathetic and it was a case of pay your rent or you will be evicted, I phoned UC they blamed the landlord for not returning verification of the rent, the landlord blamed me for losing my job. after 6 weeks I found a job and notified UC I am now in full time employment, I still had not received a payment towards my rent although I had a notification I would have a rent payment sent to my landlord on May 9th, this was for roughly 3 weeks rent, apparently this is all I am entitled to, however this still hasn’t been paid, I phoned to ask why and they told me I havnt attended my interview at the job centre!!!!
I once again explained I am now working full time and no longer need UC but I owe 6 weeks rent and will soon be evicted from my home if I do not pay it.
I had to take out a high interest credit card to pay as much as the limit would allow which still doesn’t cover the amount I am now in arrears, I am paid weekly and am having to pay the majority of my wages to my landlord and so my other bills are slipping.
I have now been told I have to attend a gateway interview at the job centre, I explained I work from 7.30am – 5pm 5 days a week, however they have said if I do not attend this interview they will not pay the rent that is owed.
I really cannot express my complete contempt for these people who now expect me to take time off from my new job to have an interview for what?? to hold my rent payment to ransom is despicable behaviour, no rent payment for 10 weeks is disgusting, I am at a loss to work this out.

From the Facebook page “Universal Credit Survival”

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