People are exhausted by the cuts and hard-up mums will be hit next: My Wigan Pier Story

Sarah Honeysett, 53, is a benefits specialist from Stoke-on-Trent and has been supporting families in the city since 2003. As she explains to Claire Donnelly, struggling mums are about to be hit again.

People really are exhausted – and terrified – by all this change, especially disabled people and particularly people with poor mental health.

I fear the next group to be very badly hit – with the cut in the benefit cap and the ‘two child’ tax credit limit – will be hard-up mums with young children.

There has been a definite change in the way people who are in the receipt of benefit are viewed.

There used to a lot of sympathy towards people who were out of work for example. The general public seemed less likely to blame them – it was seen as the fault of the government.

Now that has shifted and this idea that people are to blame for what’s happening to them is becoming more the norm.

Apart from the lack of empathy, what shocks me the most is when I hear fellow professionals talking about people in this way, buying into this demonisation of people.

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