Crohn’s sufferer on ending life at Swiss clinic: Government cuts denied me care so I’ve chosen to die

Wracked with pain, and after eight years on morphine, Marie Lopez has finally chosen death over a life blighted by illness and cruel spending cuts.

This once vibrant businesswoman has spent her every last penny paying for her own care after social services left her to suffer in agony.

Now she is using her last £10,000 to buy an end to her ordeal at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, even though she is not dying.

For decades Marie, 54, has ­battled Crohn’s disease , a crippling and incurable condition that ­attacks the digestive system. Then, almost 10 years ago, the 38 hours a week of social care that made her life bearable was cut back entirely, forcing Marie to fund it herself.

Now she has decided she can ­endure no more. And she blames ­Government cuts for her decision to die at the Lifecircle Clinic in Basel.

The former City analyst says: “I have not taken this decision lightly. I am ready to die to put an end to my misery. Crohn’s might not be terminal but, believe me, it kills at a slow pace.

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If you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact the Samaritans on their free phone number  116 123


3 thoughts on “Crohn’s sufferer on ending life at Swiss clinic: Government cuts denied me care so I’ve chosen to die

  1. £10000 is a lot of money and a lot of desperation! I’m guessing many poor sick and disabled folks don’t have access to borrowing that kind of money to ‘off’ themselves. Most have to make do with a half baked plan of random tablets, and/or throwing themselves under a speeding bus or truck. The latter plan might be a doozy with the chance of killing three birds with one stone, in getting rid of a drain on society, raising the issue of S+D people who are now left to ‘go fish’ instead of getting the care and money they need for a decent dignified life and encourage drivers to slow down! Be a shame if the plan backfired and the person was just horridly injured, coz that’s an expense the country doesn’t need hey?
    Seriously though, don’t imagine that this very poorly lady is the only one who has a back up plan for when our country fails them and they can no longer cope. The way S+D people are targeted to pay down the deficit has left too many without hope of having a livable life and hope is essential. If hope is a speeding truck, then drivers beware! We are constantly told we can’t afford old people, (many are now left without the care they need) or Sick or disabled people if they wont work. They have no value, yet where is the funding for researchers to come up with cures? I fear what little there is, is likely disappearing with our EU Membership. If we don’t want people to become long term dependent (and suffer), then surely we can’t just deny the problem, (using at great expense the likes of Maximus, ATOS and Capita) we need to start facing the many conditions that continue to baffle medical science and find answers and, in the mean time, surely a civilised country provides for those in need?

    • hi Poppy, I am the Crohn’ sufferer in question. The reason I have the £10k is because despite of being very very ill I worked until 2008. I worked my entire life going to work hiding the illness, taking the medication in the toilet so nobody would see me and I worked 15 hours a day until literally in 2008 I was so thin that I was ordered to stop work. I am not a disabled scroungers like politicians say, I worked and contributed to the UK economy and in order to get the £10K I sold my car and other belongings. I have no quality of life and I can not live without a carer, so my COuncil is encouraging me to assisted death and the corporate policies for social care are man slaughter under the corporate manslaughter act 2007. The question is how many more will the Crown Prosecution let DIE without prosecuting the culprits, because I am not the only one. Calum list, so the CPS needs to prosecute before an holocaust happens.

      • Hello Marie

        I think very very few are scroungers like the govt like to make out. The spectre of Scrounger is something they dreamed up like a bogie man for the rest of society to hate and fear. Most claiming are sick disabled, and damaged by this unrelenting system that bullies.

        I didn’t mean to allude you had excess funds. I just imagined you had stuff of value to sell, (where others are potless) which you did. Essentials like your car. I Imagined your home or contents. You can possibly get loans if you have assests, payable after death?

        £10000 is a lot but it doesn’t buy a cure and for that I’m sorry. Lots of us spend what little we have to get well. Many of us worked and had lives. Its actually quite usual that they did before they got sick. We suffer the grief of loss for those normal lives. Who wanted a label of Invalid, or disabled or sick? I know I don’t think that is me. I’m normal. Aren’t I?

        There are many suffering conditions that are poorly understood, poorly managed and are wrecking lives. Where is there real research to help these people? Where is even compassion? It is so hard keeping going day after day in pain and maligned by the state when there is no help or cure in sight.

        I admire your courage. I would do something half arsed and likely folks would think it an accident.

        It infuriates me that inactivity in research coupled with the cruelty of the DWP causing stigma and poverty (and further ill health) is driving people out of their own lives. I’m confused about assisted dying. I fear if we had it here, too many people would be shamed into ending their lives early. I wish you all the best for your life and a good death when it comes.

        If you read my post and were offended, I hope I have made amends to show, no offence was meant just my expression was lacking. I’m sorry if I caused you more pain. My intent is always to help and relieve hurt where it exists. I know I’m going fail, but I’m still here to try.

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