Good news for a change! 

The poor side of life

Today, as you can guess was extremely cold. Winter has well and truly set in and it is concerning because so many are without the basics like heating, lighting and good decent food.

I arrived at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre as usual and unpacked my now infamous shopping trolley. I’m sure in future I’ll be known as the lady with the trolley. Anyway I digress.

After unpacking I was greeted with my comrade Gordon who arrived with the food parcels. We’ve got a nice system going now. They are heavy so he picks them up in his car and drops them with me outside the Jobcentre. This is a massive help because I don’t drive and I would find it difficult. It’s a winner all round.

As soon as the food parcels were placed on the ground they were taken by people in desperate need. I’m so glad that we…

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