Today’s demo,crying claimants, freezing weather and a visit from German t.v.

The poor side of life

Today was an extremely busy and stressful day. I haven’t been feeling well and have caught a virus which I can’t seem to shake off, probably because I don’t get much time to rest.

I had forgotten that a German tv channel had asked to come and film alongside us whilst we were handing help, advice and food parcels outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. But I was reminded by a text message so I sprung into action, arriving a little early so not to leave them hanging around, after all it’s not the best place to be standing around.

Almost as soon as I had emptied my bag of all leaflets, hats gloves and scarfs a lady that we talk to on a regular basis walked over in tears. She’s disabled, and has complicated issues. Her ESA payments had been stopped and she didnt know what to do. All I…

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