My wife and child are disabled, I care for them. Govt have made our lives a living hell. No government should do this to citizens.

Thomas Hemingford

I have no idea why my wife and I ever bothered paying into the system. Which, in turn, means we wonder why we ever bothered working.

People buy into all the TV productions, media headlines and political nonsense about benefits. But the likes of newspaper stories, “Benefits Street” or Benefits Britain are not factually typical or realistic. They are far from representative, and always one-sided.

There is a great myth that has been spun by the government and media; the myth is that welfare benefits were too generous, too high and needed to be cut.

However, the reality is very different from this image that has skewed people’s perceptions of welfare. The truth is that welfare benefits were never too high. Far from it, they were in fact inadequate.

The truth is that pay levels have been and still are grossly insufficient. Combined with high prices and a high cost…

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2 thoughts on “My wife and child are disabled, I care for them. Govt have made our lives a living hell. No government should do this to citizens.

  1. True, I agree, benefits was never adequate for anything and I don’t know how people managed to survive on £26 aweek bringing up 1 child who was in and out of hospital every week. It’s never been adequate, as electric, gas, food, clothes had to be bought from out of it, and inflation of stuff going up meant parents doing without food so that their children could eat at least one hot meal a day. This government should try living on the money that they expect people to live on each week, they should live on it for a whole year. I feel for those who don’t have a talent or ways of trying to make money, and in some cases, end up shoplifting, robbing and finding other means to pay the rent or electric, gas etc. to keep a roof over heads, warm clothes for winter and food in stomachs. Some people don’t have gardens to grow food stuff like potatoes, and if they don’t know the right time to pick potatoes, which is poisonous if eaten when green. Many suffer and will suffer. Poor heating brings about constant illness and trips to the GP and hospitals. And there’s the old people who don’t have families or friends to check on them, who are living in a cold house. And now the disabled people are targeted by the government. UK is getting worse and worse. It’s time to bring Jeremy Corbyn in and time for the Tories to leave. They have out stayed their welcome. If it wasn’t for the tax from the working class people, those tories wouldn’t be chatting so much tripe. What happened to the UK that cared about their citizens?

  2. I wonder how things are now with the Hemingford family? Sadly I think that like a lot of us their situation will have gone from bad to worse especially with the benefit cap coming into play from today.

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