DPAC’s top five most appalling sanctions.



One thought on “DPAC’s top five most appalling sanctions.

  1. This whole thing is disgusting and people are treated wrongly. A persons life as a disabled ♿ sick person is victimized by the dwp and the Tories because they are unhealthy and have long term illnesses that can not be cured, no matter how many times they are medical assessed. I had an heart attack while reading the lies that the medical assessment wrote about me. She said that I have no scars on my leg, that I lifted my arms above my head and clapped, I had carpal tunnel in both my arms, hands and wrists and fingers and I couldn’t lift or grasp anything on that day, so that’s another lie, she said that she saw no scars on my leg, so how the heck did 6staples entered my knee and embedded themselves in my bone? The mandatory reconsideration didn’t read anything because if they had, they would seen that the things written about me was immediately impossible. I am very short sighted and wear my glasses 👓 all the time. The medical assessment woman said that I had reached into my handbag and took out my glasses 👓 and put them on my face ok . I never took my glasses 👓 of at all not even to clean them. She wrote that I have healthy toenails that are pink and healthy, I have fungal infection in all my toenails and they are all black I am on a course of medication to get them better, including I never removed my shoes and socks throughout the whole time, she said I made eye contact all the time, I was in a lot fo pain in my back, hips and knees and spine, and was constantly adjusting and moving and standing up and sitting down and walking to take way the pressure, I can’t sit for more than 15mins, as I have discrepancy shortage by half inch in my left leg, hip and this effects my spine and hips with sharp shooting pains. The OTHIC told me that due to the shortness in one leg, the pain is excruciating. I’m picking up my boots today from the hospital, and saving up for a booster seat, so that I can take around with me to sit on. She also said that I have never studied or worked in my life which is another lie, she committed Slander and the DWP said it is irreconcilable difference. I told them in the tribunal that I want to be reassessed, because of the lies told by the woman, they investigated her and questioned her. They said that they have put a mark on her file, I said to them,, if they had put mark on her file, that should warrant a reassessment, not all this messing about, I have also sent to my MP . He’s going to take it to parliament. My question is why are they lying about the truth of ill people being ill? I’ll people are not going to heal from severe arthritis they become worse. My disability was caused by hospital negligence. And that negligence messed up my life. I’m in constant pain all the time

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