Basically Damian green this rehash of the Work Capability Assessment is a crock of shit.

by Paula Peters

Damian Green,

So you announce the launch of the consultation regarding the work capability assessment

We know by cutting the ESA WRAG group by £30 a week takes it to JSA levels effectively abolishing the ESA WRAG group

That you are looking at the support group of ESA and taking that to ESA WRAG you think all disabled people can be working even if it’s a couple of hours a week

Remember IDS ass that he is saying workless is not an option, his words

Tell me Damian Green and explain this

You want disabled people working yet you:
*Abolish the post of disability employment advisor
*Your government caps the access to work budget and cap how much disabled people’s access to work packages are
*You close the independent living fund
*We have to book 24 or on some lines 48 hours in advance to book accessibility on a train
*Only 100 companies out of thousands have signed up to the disability confident scheme (employers are unconfident about hiring us as they see disabled people as liability)
*You cut the disabled students allowance
*You are getting rid of motorbility cars after disabled people have a PIP assessment which means disabled people have had to stop working
*You are closing deaf and disabled people’s organisations by starving them of funding
*You are closing libraries a fifth of disabled people have no access to a computer except via the library
*You have got rid of freedom passes for thousands of disabled people
*You cut healthcare funding

*The health and work programme funding is a cut of 80% and doomed to fail

Basically Damian green this rehash of the WCA is a crock of shit
What it means for disabled people
Bullying and coercion
Horrendous stress
Ramping up of sanctions
More suicides of people in mental distress and disabled people dying

It’s about the entire abolition of the welfare state

Work will set you free

Working for free while charities involved profit

Total horse shit all of it

Bastards this government bastards

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