Concentrix and the Tax Credit scandal

This is from my facebook feed this morning.
“I have a concern regarding sorting out getting swept up in a Concentrix fishing expedition that has currently stopped my Tax Credits, before I get moved to Universal Credit.

Basically I am being asked to provide a mountain of paperwork to prove I am single (I have been for over 10 years!). I finally managed to get them to tell me who it was they believed was my partner – turns out I have to prove I’m not with my ex-husband, divorced 7 years ago, he’s remarried and has two kids. Apparently my decree absolut isn’t good enough proof!

I don’t even know where he lives or how to contact him but find myself in the position of possibly needing to buy a copy of my ex-husband’s current marriage certificate to stop this farce. Based on how many people I know who were sent out questionaires & who are also being made to jump through ridiculous hoops to be believed, I’m convinced this is a pure fishing expedition designed to make us all give up & go away.

How laughable – like anyone who didn’t really need this money would put themselves through this system in the first place. Utter ***tards.”


3 thoughts on “Concentrix and the Tax Credit scandal

  1. I am currently swept up in this farce.
    Concentrix have stopped my tax credits without warning as they think I’m co-habiting with the DECEASED previous owner of my property. He died in 2004!!!!! That wasn’t enough for them….they still required me to prove I wasn’t living with a dead man!!! An utter farce. I am still awaiting to hear if my mandatory reconsideation will be upheld and I receive the backdated stopped payments.

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