A damning report to the UN reveals the truth about the UK’s human rights record [VIDEO]

A report being submitted to the UN on human rights in the UK has slammed the government’s policies and raised serious concerns about the state of human rights in the country.

The UK, like all other countries, must submit a Universal Periodic Review (UPR) every four years to the UN, to show how it is meeting its human rights obligations. The Equality and Human Rights Commission requested the British Institute for Human Rights (BIHR) to conduct the report in association with a number of civil society organisations. It was launched in parliament on the evening of 22 September, in an event chaired by Harriet Harman MP.

click here to see the video


5 thoughts on “A damning report to the UN reveals the truth about the UK’s human rights record [VIDEO]

  1. The UN is no more interested in the well being of elderly or disabled people in the UK than it is sin stopping the murder in Syria and Yemen by the USA, UK and Saudis.

    • The aim of the site is to present a picture of the effects of the benefit cuts over time taken from a wide range of published sources. When I first started these stories were going round and around closed groups on Facebook, but were invisible to the general public. I was trying to counter the avalanche of ‘benefit scrounger’ stories in the National media. Nowadays much more is appearing in the media so I see this blog now as a simple record of the devastation being caused by the cuts as a result of the government’s war on the poor, the sick and the disabled. Very rarely I will write a piece myself where personal experience adds to the narrative. Not quite sure what you mean by not accepting the ‘honest truth’.

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