Vast range of cuts announced today

This was posted on Facebook today

Is anyone else on DPAC noticing the vast range of cuts announced today.

The BBC kicked it off this morning by reporting a 25% cut in care provision for disabled and elderly people.

This was followed by the policy change by the DWP over supported housing and the local housing allowance cap..

By this evening the NHS cuts are featured in several areas with the continuing bed blockages on the BBC 6pm news.

On the Itv news at 6.30, they also covered the cuts in care but also had an item on reduced rubbish collections with some areas being reduced to 1 collection every 4 weeks. Expect The Daily Mail to be up in arms over this cut as they got very annoyed earlier this year, when some councils cut their bin collections to 1 every 2 weeks.

Channel 4 news are calling it a ‘social care lottery’ with people only getting care depends on where you live.

Itv has a programme on the lack of care & support for people with a mental health illness at 7.30pm.

Is this just another ‘day of Tory cuts’ or are the media starting at last to recognise what people on DPAC have experienced for the last 6 years.


One thought on “Vast range of cuts announced today

  1. That’s exactly what I thought too, and when I went shopping I also saw the headline yesterday on the front of the I newspaper “Ambulance service at breaking point”. Mayday, mayday! Everything is going down like the Titanic!

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