WCA Medics Warned By DWP “We Cannot Defend You” After Claimant Death Publicity

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With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

Benefits and Work has obtained documents which show that the DWP failed to take steps to prevent further claimant deaths following a coroner’s warning in January 2014, in spite of agreeing to do so. However, the department flew into a panic 20 months later and tried to mount a cover-up when the coroner’s report was uncovered by a journalist.

Coroner’s warning discovered
In September 2015 campaigning journalist John Pring of the Disability News service revealed that a coroner had issued a prevention of future deaths warning following the death of claimant Michael O’Sullivan. The warning is issued where a coroner believes that more deaths may occur unless action is taken.

Michael O’Sullivan committed suicide in September 2013. He had been suffering from anxiety and depression for a number of years and had previously been in receipt of incapacity benefit. He applied for employment…

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One thought on “WCA Medics Warned By DWP “We Cannot Defend You” After Claimant Death Publicity

  1. Regarding credit for stories such as this, Disability News Service stories published on a Thursday feed into the Benefits and Work Publishing weekly newsround the following Wednesday. The publication day for stories published by ‘one man band’ John Pring of Disability News Service is nearly always a Thursday. Go to Disability News Service. See also DWP puts reporter on blacklist over the way he reports the impact of welfare reforms, a story that is about John Pring’s professionalism in the face of what the DWP and its associates do to vulnerable people.

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