The Failings Of The Universal Credit System Need To Be Addressed And Addressed Fast

By Tom Brake   Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton & Wallington, in the Huffington post.

My constituency is half of one of the boroughs which has been selected to pilot the digital rollout of the new Universal Credit system, which the Government intends will replace the current working age means-tested benefits system.

As with any pilot system, you can expect teething problems but when the system is one which so many vulnerable citizens are dependent on, it is important that the Government is able to provide a service that, broadly speaking, actually works from the outset. The reality for many of the people now in receipt of Universal Credit is otherwise.

Sadly I have had many residents come to my office or constituency surgery urgently needing help to claim benefits which the Universal Credit system has failed to provide. While one of the most important roles of an MP is to help their constituents and I am always happy to take up their cases, people wouldn’t have to be come to their MPs for help, if the Government did its job properly in the first place.

I have tragically seen a case where, due to technical issues on the Universal Credit IT system, one constituent, unknowingly, had their direct rent payments to their landlord diverted. This buildup of rent arrears, which was of no fault of the constituent, but due to the failings of the system led the local authority to consider evicting them. Another family’s direct payments to the landlord were stopped with no warning and led the local authority to cease its duty to house the family leaving them under a real threat of homelessness.

Furthermore, I have had regular reports of people with severe learning disabilities being failed by the system. It ignores the disabilities of claimants who are unable to use the online system by themselves and who are forced to attend meetings where the ‘script’ is not deviated from and pays no regard to their disabilities. This is causing immense distress for vulnerable people who are having Universal Credit payments delayed, seriously impacting on their daily lives. There is little willingness on the Government’s part to make reasonable adjustments to protect vulnerable people.

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3 thoughts on “The Failings Of The Universal Credit System Need To Be Addressed And Addressed Fast

  1. Read my blog The Poor Side of life. We’ve had uc since 2013 and the planned rollout is still being continued. The mistakes are intentional because uc is designed by intention to ensure the suffering of claimants.

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