Universal Credit Benefits Fiasco 6

“4th month on the run now that UC haven’t bothered to pay me. Vicious cycle of starting jobs, relying on UC for my travel money and just general life. Not being paid so I can’t travel to said job until I call and complain. Then waiting for payment to actually go through and subsequently being sacked. 3rd job in 4 months… what can I do here? Its diabolical. They’re supposed to be helping me stay in work not lose me 3 jobs. I’m so angry.

Recently there’s been a very large number of people on my social media posting despairing messages as a result of Universal Credit cock-ups. I’m posting a selection here.

Universal Credit is the new benefit system designed to make a single payment of several separate benefits, and it is currently being imposed on thousands of people without any interest in whether it actually works. It affects working people as well as the unemployed and disabled.


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