MP Philip Davies wall of shame

These are just a few titbits from Philip Davies’ career as the Conservative MP for Shipley

He uses filibustering techniques to prevent MPs being able to vote on bills he doesn’t like, by using up all the time available in meandering, pointless speeches. Even on bills with all party support. Here are some of his efforts.


  • Over the last few months Davies has filibustered legislation to stop rogue landlords evicting tenants asking for basic repairs. (The Independent 14 December 2014)
  • earlier this month – using a different tactic – he managed to prevent a Bill banning the use of wild animals in circuses from even being debated in the Commons. (The independent 14/12/ 2014)
  • he has helped prevent attempts by backbenchers to get mandatory smoke detectors fitted in rented properties, (The independent 14/12/14)
  • he stopped a proposed bill to give all school children first aid training from being passed.  The Independent (21/11/15)
  • Landlord Tory MP Philip Davies says law requiring homes be fit for human habitation is an unnecessary burden (The Independent, Friday 16 October 2015)
  • Philip Davies and his pals filibustered to block a bill preventing increased NHS privatisation. (The Mirror 12/3/16)


He is not without opposition in his own constituency and a Facebook Wall of Shame has been set up here:




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