SNP pledge to block DWP’s hated benefits sanctions regime from operating in Scotland

QUALITIES Secretary Angela Constance is not going to ‘assist’ the UK department responsible for sanctions when Holyrood takes new welfare powers.

THE SNP are pledging to block the hated sanctions regime when Holyrood takes control of more welfare-to-work powers, the Record can reveal today.

Equalities Secretary Angela Constance said she would refuse to “assist” the UK Department for Work and Pensions if they attempt to penalise claimants.

Her promise follows a report which warned 13,000 Scots face being sanctioned each year. The figure was revealed last month in research into devolved benefit powers heading to Holyrood.

At the time, the Scottish Government declined to comment directly on the proposal.

But in an interview with the Record, Constance said: “While we can’t stop the UK Government putting conditions on the work-related benefits, we’re not going to be giving them any information or responding to inquiries if we think that might lead to a sanction.

The reality is we’ll have two systems – we’re trying to design a new system. It is easy for people to get confused. But what I can say, and what the minister for training and employability can say, is our skills programmes are voluntary and we’re not going to deal with an inquiry if it would add to the risk of a sanction.”

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