Meet the Ukip housing spokesman raking in £800,000 in Housing Benefit

Ukip’s spokesman for housing and environment, Andrew Charalambous, has received over £1.5m in Housing Benefit over two years for housing vulnerable tenants

Ukip has made a name for itself by demanding new migrants stop receiving various benefits, yet their housing and environment spokesman is making a fortune off existing migrants on benefits, thanks to the way benefits are distributed.

Millionaire Mr Charalambous is a major landlord and personally owns HUNDREDS of properties in London. And he’s making a lot of money from a system he doesn’t believe in.

The party is keen to restrict the welfare state. Yet some of the main beneficiaries of the welfare spending in the London council of Haringey have been people like Mr Charalambous.

Raking in a fortune

Mr Charalambous received £826,395 from Haringey Council in housing benefit last year, according to Freedom of Information requests sent by the union GMB.

The year prior to that, he’d made £745,351 from Haringey in housing benefit.

In both cases the true amount that he’s been paid will likely be higher, because some housing benefit is paid to the tenants themselves and then gets paid to landlords, according to the DWP.

Use our interactive to find out about Housing Benefit millionaires in YOUR area

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