Universal Credit Benefit Fiascos 2

“Oh my dear God!! What a joke!
My advisor is trying to help me but my mum looked on my journal & I’m getting £0. I was paid my ESA a week ago but it’s looking like I won’t get anything.. Not even housing costs. I’m left with £5 a week after all bills/food and rely on others for transport as blind.”


Recently there’s been a very large number of people on my Facebook feed posting despairing messages as a result of Universal Credit cock-ups. I’m posting a selection here.

Universal Credit is the new benefit system designed to make a single payment of several separate benefits, and it is being imposed on thousands of people without any interest in whether it actually works. It affects working people as well as the unemployed and disabled.


3 thoughts on “Universal Credit Benefit Fiascos 2

  1. Oh well pleased to read that I am not the only one I’ve been put on work fare even though I’m partially disabled and am 62 years old and on a bad day can barely write my name

    • I’ve just ordered myself 3 new credit cards – I’m going to have blast and then when there is no credit left I’m going to call it a day. Can’t handle this any more

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