Universal credit benefits fiasco 1

“I was on universal Credit for a month and that was long enough. In that time I’ve received nothing to live on and was told because I couldn’t afford petrol to get me to work I’d have to walk. That meant 4 hour walk for an 8 hour shift on my feet with 20 min break then another 4 hour walk home. I just laughed and hung up. They haven’t got a clue. I had no electric no food until my housing association arranged for me to have a food parcel. It’s a joke.”

Recently there’s been a very large number of people on my Facebook feed posting despairing messages as a result of Universal Credit cock-ups. I’m posting a selection here.

Universal Credit is the new benefit system designed to make a single payment of several separate benefits, and it is being imposed on thousands of people without any interest in whether it actually works. It affects working people as well as the unemployed and disabled.





2 thoughts on “Universal credit benefits fiasco 1

  1. Has anyone been told that they ‘have’ to register with Reed Employment and ‘have’ to provide Reed Employment with sight of their passport and 3 utility bills. This is happening to me, I know where this is going, they will send me on a booking which I will be ‘forced’ to do, I will fail and I will sanctioned etc etc etc – I’m 62 years old with RA, SS and CS – I don’t know what to do.

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