‘This will cause massive hardship’: social housing tenants on ‘pay to stay’

From the Guardian:
We heard from readers affected by the government’s ‘pay to stay’ policy, set to be introduced from April next year

The government’s ‘pay to stay’ policy will see working families forced out of social housing, according to a Guardian reader callout.

The policy, set to come into effect next April, has been heavily criticised by local councils as being expensive and difficult to implement. The policy is unlikely to make the kind of savings claimed when the scheme was first presented to parliament.

Some respondents worried the rent increases will force them into private rented accommodation, which they would then be unable to afford.

We heard from readers taking pay cuts, avoiding promotions or considering giving up work in order to keep within the pay threshold, set at £40,000 in London and £31,000 outside. And most of all, we heard from tenants who felt that pay to stay was part of a concerted government effort to push people in employment out of the social housing sector altogether.

Read their stories here: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/sep/02/this-will-cause-massive-hardship-social-housing-tenants-on-pay-to-stay



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