No More Claimants Deaths protest Wednesday Sept 7th

September 2016 DPAC Week of Action- September 4th-10th. #RightsNotGames

On 7th September Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) will be having a mass protest to remember every human being who are no longer with us as a result of the horrendous impact of the cuts to our welfare state. Many people have taken their own lives in dreadful mental distress.

The action is called No More Benefit Deaths, as we reflect and remember every person who has died as a result of their benefits being taken from them and left with nothing.

But, and its important to stress, we will also remember every person who has been impacted by the cuts and lives in fear, distress and poverty today.

We ask if you are attending the protest on 7th September, to bring a white flower to remember every single human being affected by austerity and fighting the horrendous erosion of human rights, our services and the break down of our communities.

We are seeing a Tory government strip our rights away day by day, treat us like second class citizens, treat us as though we are worthless and treat us with contempt.

We are human beings, people. We feel, we think, we have families, children, friends, colleagues and as a human being our worth is priceless.

We must never forget what we have lost, all the families who mourn, all the empty chairs never to be filled again. Lest we forget.

We have seen recently the paralympic funding stripped back to bolster up the main games, and again the IOC treat disabled people as second class citizens. Many athletes will not be able to participate due to lack of funding and lack of accessible facilities, transport or even venues.

We want full inclusive rights, the right to independent living. We want to be treated as the human beings we are and have the right support so we can live our lives.

I ask you, from 12 noon on Wednesday 7th September 2016 as the protest begins outside Downing Street and Theresa May Prime Minister stands at that dispatch box in the House of Commons to pause to remember every person affected by austerity. Remember every friend we have lost who are no longer with us.

The fight for social justice, for equality, for inclusion and our fight to build a better world for everyone must continue. We have a long road to travel but every journey starts with one small step.

by Paula Peters

See the full list of actions planned for the week of ‘Rights Not Games’ starting Sept 4th here:



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