Ever tried to call a council or the DWP? People in need MUST be excluded by these hopeless systems

Kate Belgrave writes:

I’m going to start putting up short posts about the incredible difficulties that people can have getting through to their councils and to the right people to speak to at the DWP on the phone.

I regularly call councils or the DWP on behalf of others or to get information, and am inevitably appalled at the trouble I have getting through and/or finding the right department, or getting callbacks, etc. These systems are getting worse. They have to be fixed. Public organisations can’t be allowed to exclude people who need support in this way. There’s no doubt in my mind that people must miss out on benefit entitlements everywhere now, because the systems they need to navigate to get to those entitlements are a dysfunctional shambles. This must be especially true for people who can’t use a computer and/or don’t have easy access to one. I find the whole thing challenging and confusing, and get lost in the system even though I make these calls a lot, as I say.

rtead more here: http://www.katebelgrave.com/2016/08/ever-tried-to-call-a-council-or-the-dwp-people-in-need-must-be-excluded-by-these-hopeless-systems/


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