Think the disability benefits overhaul is justified? You need to see this video of my daughter being assessed

This was posted by Aliyah on the blog Top Secrets

My daughter Emily is 18 and learning disabled, with autism and epilepsy.

For those unable to work through no fault of their own, like Emily, there are two benefits specifically in place to ensure that they are able to live. Employment Support Allowance exists purely for those too sick or disabled to work. It’s not a perk; it’s not an extra. It’s a security net when your health is impacted and when your disability prevents you being able to work.

‘Personal Independence Payments’ replaced the more accurately named Disability Living Allowance.

Since both benefits were changed in name, the application claim forms were altered too. There is a points system allocated to all health conditions now.

When I received the forms for Emily, I was staggered by the invasive and intrusive nature of the questions. I was particularly struck by the application of the questions to people like my daughter with a profound learning disability.”

see the video here:


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