Self Cathertrization Means You Don’t Need A Toilet Aid Finds Mandatory Reconsideration

Same Difference

More information on this story from yesterday. Readers, take note, this is scary stuff.

What prompted my “when is a toilet aid not an aid” comment was result of my mandatory reconsideration. I am currently 2pts short of pip  low rate care award. They refuse to accept that intermittant self cathertrization (ISC) involves the use of a toilet aid. Without using a catheter i can not urinate at all. Although if i am unable to perform ISC when required i do loose control of my bladder & have accidents. ISC also increases risk of UTI’s of which i am already very susceptible so must only be performed in hygenic conditions, therefore it is 1 of reasons i rarely leave the house. Due to other health conditions the most relevant being degenerative disc diease & other spinal issues & a recent spinal fracture, I am not always able to successfully perform ISC…

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