Vulnerable woman has benefits stopped after being late for back-to-work medical assessment

Published: 9 August, 2016


A VULNERABLE woman has lost all her benefits after she arrived late for one of the government’s back-to-work medical assessments.

Elaine Dyer, from Kentish Town, rang ahead of her Work Capability Assessment (WCA) appointment in May to say she had missed her bus and was delayed.

The 59-year-old was told she would not be seen and later received a letter saying one of “the conditions” of keeping her benefits was being “on time” for assessments.

Her weekly Employment Support Allowance (ESA) – her only income – was immediately stopped and so has her housing benefit. It will not be reinstated until an appeal is heard in a process that often takes several months.

Ms Dyer said: “You wouldn’t treat a dog like that, would you? You wouldn’t take it out into the street and leave it there, with nothing to eat, and say, ‘go on then’. It’s madness. I feel like I’m back at school – they say, ‘sorry, you’re late’, that’s that, then.”

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