just what is the point of social services, these days?

Just come back from helping someone prepare for an ESA tribunal on Wednesday. I met her by accident on the street, she was trying to find a local CAB. Pure chance that she bumped into someone with experience of this.
This lady has learning disabilities, and multiple physical and mental conditions. She has a social worker, a care coordinator and carers who visit her 3 times a day. Not a single one of these people has offered her any help at all with her claim. She had to fill in the forms on her own.
When she told her social worker about the tribunal she was told to go on her own to make an appointment with a CAB in a place she does not know and so cannot travel to.
I suspect this is not unusual. I spoke to a friend on the way home who also has a social worker. He is in the middle of a PIP claim and asked his social worker for a letter of support, and was told that Social Services no longer write such letters. When he enquired further they said that they could do a printout of his history, but that was all. The printout of his history is actually all he needs, but if he hadn’t been persistent he wouldn’t even have got this.
Can someone tell me just what is the point of social services, these days?

7 thoughts on “just what is the point of social services, these days?

  1. In my opinion Social Services aren’t there to support anyone in any way now a days apart from going in to go a quick 6 week blast, say if you come out of hospital, so you’re as independent as possible and then move on to the next person.
    My social care has been cur, cut and cut some more until it wasn’t worth it any more as it caused me great anxiety as was waiting for the next part of the package to be cut.

  2. Sadly it’s the same across the board. I support a little boy in the school I work at, he has complex needs and is on the child protection register, the inclusion manager has referred several times, nothing done, I filled in another concerns form Friday, I really worry this poor kid will end up worse before anything gets done

  3. Hi argotina 1 ,slightly off track, but can you tell me how far you were able to help this lady. Did you gather the evidence on her behalf and contact her GP and consultants as well, to submit to the tribunal. Today I was asked by two people with poor English who needed help with their ESA claims, after both scoring 0 pts at their recent WCA’s at Chancel House. I only outlined the MR and appeal’s process to them as one of them had several physical and MH issues including 5 recent operations. I thought they both needed specialist help and referred them on to the Willesden CAB. After reading your post, I am wondering if I made the right decision. from John in Kilburn.

    • I have written a letter to the tribunal and will be accompanying her there. The CABs in Camden and Brent no longer accompany people to tribunals. She is not stupid but rather vague and confused, being on 15 tablets of prescribed medication a day. It was very short notice, only had 6 days to prepare a case, and she can’t tell what paperwork might be relevant. So we went with her to her doctor’s surgery and got a printout of her medical conditions, which any surgery should do on the spot without charge. This particular surgery was very cooperative, and the full printout of her computerised medical notes followed within a couple of days. The best 5 line doctor’s letter I’ve ever seen followed this morning ( no fee). With this information it has been possible to prepare a case, with full supporting medical evidence. I find it is very useful for the person who prepares the appeal to go to the tribunal. Although the representative can’t comment during the tribunal we get a chance to say something at the end. Several times I’ve been able to point out a vital point the Tribunal hasn’t touched that has made all the difference. I couldn’t do this if I didn’t already know the case backwards.

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