Tragedy of homeless Christopher Sever who froze to death in derelict Clyde Street house

A TROUBLED man died of hypothermia in a derelict west Hull house just weeks after being discharged from a mental health unit.

The frostbitten body of homeless Christopher Sever, 32, was discovered by a nearby resident at the property off Clyde Street on January 20.

It emerged during yesterday’s inquest into Mr Sever’s death that he had been discharged “too early” from Newbridges Inpatient Unit in east Hull.

Elizabeth Rhodes, a team manager for Humber NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the unit, carried out an internal inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Mr Sever’s death.

She identified a number of shortcomings in his care.

Mrs Rhodes, who was not directly involved in Mr Sever’s care, said: “The quality of help post-discharge was not fully realised due to poor discharge planning, which led to him not receiving all the support needed to live safely in the community.

“While all the professionals at the meeting agreed to discharge Mr Sever, I feel his functioning should have been at a higher level before discharge. I think he probably needed a bit more time at Newbridges.”

Mr Sever, a paranoid schizophrenic, had been lying in the derelict property for at least 36 hours, the inquest heard.


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