Benefit sanctions not working in Salford

I'm a JSA Claimant

Benefit sanctions are having a devastating impact on vulnerable people in Salford.

Instead of encouraging people into jobs, they are driving people into destitution and despair and putting a huge strain on public and voluntary sector organisations.

Young people, in particular, are ‘disappearing’ – abandoning benefit claims and relying on friends and families already under financial strain to bail them out.

That’s the conclusion of the latest report into the impact of benefit sanctions and Universal Credit by the Salford Task Force, a partnership of Salford City Council Salford CVS, Citizen’s Advice and Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre.  It follows a similar report in 2014.

“People on benefits are already struggling to afford food, heating and essential costs. They can’t save so they have no financial safety net. They live in dread of being sanctioned  which isn’t the right frame of mind for job hunting, volunteering or going back…

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