Campaigners admit defeat as Tories push through mass council homes sell-off with hours to spare

The Housing Bill cleared its final hurdle tonight as former housing chief Sir Bob Kerslake gave up his long battle

Campaigners were forced to admit defeat tonight in their long battle against David Cameron ‘s mass council homes sell-off.

The Tory Housing Bill cleared its last hurdle with hours to spare – despite the government’s ex-housing chief warning it was an “attack” that would wipe out real affordable homes.

Sir Bob Kerslake pushed ministers to build like-for-like replacements for council homes, which will be flogged to fund extending the Right to Buy.

But he gave in after David Cameron blasted him for “blocking” Tory manifesto pledges in the House of Lords.

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In a defiant speech Lord Kerslake told peers: “It’s now clear that some manifesto commitments come ahead of others.

“It’s also become abundantly clear that the sums simply do not add up.”

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