Partially paralysed man with part of his head missing told he is ‘fit for work’ by government

Father-of-two Kenny Bailey had his benefits slashed despite suffering with severe memory problems and being paralysed down one side after suffering a massive stroke

A partially paralysed man with part of his head missing has been told he is fit for work by the government. Kenny Bailey, who is waiting to have a metal plate inserted to reshape his skull and protect his brain, had his benefits slashed this week.

The father of two suffered a massive stroke, leaving him paralysed down one side of his body, and with severe memory problems. An ambulance was delayed in getting to him, with a third of his skull removed to ease pressure on his brain.

But the Dept of Work Pensions cut his employment and support allowance – which he uses to pay his bills – following a medical examination. He has lost £156 per fortnight, and will get £470 every four weeks, his Personal Independent Payment.

Kenny, 50, a former carer, would ‘love’ to go back to work, but said his injuries have left him with severe mobility difficulties. “After my operation following the stroke, I was left with my head looking the way it does,” he explained.

“I’m waiting for another operation to have a titanium plate fitted which will hopefully make it look more normal,” he continued.

“I hate how I look. I’m so self conscious. I feel as though people are always staring at me. So to get this verdict that I’m fit to work is just another blow. I want to work, but I’m physically incapable. I’d love to live a normal life again – there’s nothing that would make me happier. I have some use in my right hand and that’s about it. I can’t play with my own daughter which breaks my absolutely breaks my heart.”

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One thought on “Partially paralysed man with part of his head missing told he is ‘fit for work’ by government

  1. If ever there was a case to prove that the WCA isn’t about sickness/disability & is all about dissemination of the welfare state then this is it!
    But, as always, no one cares until they are effected by the so-called welfare “reforms” and then they are bleating how hard done by they are and echo how they were no skiver…

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