New DWP secretary Stephen Crabb signals further disability benefit changes to cut spending

Work and Pensions Secretary has signalled his intention to cut expenditure on disability benefits through further reform to the welfare system.

Stephen Crabb said he wanted to go further than the £12 billion welfare cuts set out in the Conservative manifesto and “re-frame discussion” around disability welfare reform.

The announcement comes just under two months since Mr Crabb said the Government had “no further plans” for specific welfare cuts.

Mr Crabb, who replaced Iain Duncan Smith in the role in March, said he would set out a green paper on further proposed changes to disability benefits later this year.

“The measures that have either already been legislated for or announced get us to the £12 billion [welfare cuts planned in the Conservative manifesto],” he said.

See a video showing exactly what he said here:


3 thoughts on “New DWP secretary Stephen Crabb signals further disability benefit changes to cut spending

  1. How can a person whose life and that of their family DIRECTLY benefited from Social Sercurity Payments be so set on the destruction of them?!

    Why have the Tories rebranded Social Sercurity Welfare??

    Tweeted @melissacade68

  2. If the Tories want to make further cuts perhaps they should look at all the expenses they claim before cutting disability benefits. It’s the same old story with the Tories…I’m all right Jack ..I’ve benefited from social welfare….stuff the rest of you!! I bet he didn’t rack up thousands of pounds in student debt. Most people are happy to pay for those people who are genuinely in need of welfare support through their taxes…so I really feel that this Government is not representing the majority of the people. They Are running our education, health service and welfare as a business which doesn’t work. By doing this it is always to the detriment of vulnerable people, the young, infirm and old. Rant over.

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