Cornwall is a beautiful county devastated by poverty as the Tories turn a blind eye

Parts of Cornwall are worse off than regions of Latvia and Poland, with low wages and high unemployment

Charity food banks are one of the fastest growing industries in beautiful Cornwall.

Drag Poldark out of history and he’d recognise today’s despair and poverty, which rival any modern British city.

Behind picture-postcard images of glorious beaches and stunning clifftop walks, you soon discover poverty, low wages, debilitating insecurity, ill health and kids with no prospects.

Cornwall’s bitter poverty is grimly real, if disregarded by David Cameron turning a blind eye to the heartache when he holidays in the coastal county every summer.

I’m told nobody works in up to one in three homes in pockets of Camborne and Redruth, where people were dumped on an economic spoil heap by the decline of china clay mining.

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Bits of a romantic county in a supposedly prospering Britain are worse off than regions of Latvia and Poland, with one-third of Cornish people scraping by on less than £15,000 a year.

So dire are the lives of so many that a network of 15 food banks from Penzance to Bude supply meals to the expanding ranks of the destitute.

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