Equality watchdog to mirror UN inquiry into DWP’s rights violations

Journalist John Pring at the Disability News Service with the explosive news that the EHRC, Equality and Human Rights Commission, is to carry out an investigation into the British Government’s human rights abuses

“The equality watchdog is to commission a major piece of research into whether the government’s welfare reforms have harmed the human rights of disabled people and other minority groups”.

read what he has to say here: http://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/equality-watchdog-to-mirror-un-inquiry-into-dwps-rights-violations/


4 thoughts on “Equality watchdog to mirror UN inquiry into DWP’s rights violations

  1. I suppose they needed the SIX YEARS to gather evidence. How much longer will this tyranny continue before they are STOPPED and brought to justice??? In the meantime disabled people can expect to be brutalised, abused and killed as usual.

  2. ps we are still waiting for anything from the UN – given they have to report to the british government who then have a right of reply up to 6 months – it looks like not a lot is going to happen anytime soon – they are all corrupt, just a matter of degree who is worst.

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