Thousands of disabled claimants wrongly barred from Personal Independence Payments

Huge numbers of disabled people are being wrongly denied Personal Independence Payments (PIP), tribunals are ruling.

A staggering 61% of rejected claims for the benefit are overturned on appeal – inflicting unnecessary stress and extra expense on people, say campaigners.

The number of successful appeals has mushroomed to around 82 every day, figures slipped out by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) show.

One case raised by a Labour MP involved a man with such severe heart pounding during an assessment that paramedics had to be called. But his claim was rejected – a decision which was reversed later.

A multiple sclerosis sufferer had her PIP payment slashed despite being unable to drive and able to walk only short distances, with the aid of a stick.

Disabled people have also protested at having to wait many months before they are allowed to appeal, suggesting the figures are the tip of the iceberg.

The figures come after George Osborne was forced to abandon cuts to PIP after a backbench revolt, leaving a £4.4bn black hole in last month’s Budget.

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