There Are No Toilet Facilities In Jobcentres

I went to Lisson Grove disability assessment centre yesterday, there was a sign saying that the toilets were upstairs and another saying the lift was out of order.The centre is run by a subsidiary of Maximus.

Same Difference

Same Difference has been aware for some time that it is difficult for claimants to use the toilet at the JobCentre. We have never agreed with the policy.

But we didn’t realise, until reading respected blog Vox Political this afternoon, that there are actually  no public toilets in Job Centres.

Nor is there a private area for benefit claimants who have to inject medication.

So, readers, we ask you, what does someone with diabetes do when they won’t make it home from the JobCentre in time to inject their insulin?

Pay for a public toilet near the jobcentre, if they can find one? Inject in public, trying to ignore the stares of people who think they are injecting drugs of another kind in a public place?

Or delay their dose to avoid embarrassment, leading to potentially life threatening situations?

Vox Political continues:

A response to a Freedom of Information request…

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