Reversed Disability cuts? The government has hardly scratched the surface.

This was posted by Atos Miracles on Facebook, just now.

“It’s already happening

The media and the general public, talking as though The Crabb (The new person in charge of the Department of Work and Pensions) is the new messiah in ‘burying the disability cuts’

Let’s be clear on this- all that’s been ‘buried’ are the further proposed cuts to the Daily Living Component of PIP.
The reduction of ESA (sickness benefit) paid to those in the WRAG group is going ahead, the spare room subsidy remains in place, the abolition of Severe Disability Allowance, all but stopping Access To Work, assessments carried out by ‘Health Care Professionals’ trumping medical evidence and refusing and reducing benefits based on these assessments, the abolition of the Independent Living Fund, the introduction of PIP thus losing decades of DLA case law

All these and more are still in place and going nowhere so let’s ensure that at least we don’t buy into the ‘Burying Disability Cuts’ rhetoric that’s being cemented into the nations brains as I type.

The change, that for now, is being buried, will creep in somewhere and somehow on a day when something is distracting our eyes and ears.

Just like crisis loans were abolished following Wonga donating very generously to the Tory party, months later even organisations like The CAB didn’t know. Of the groups on the internet that aim to help people, this group, Atos Miracles, was the only page or group that informed readers some 10 months or more before they were abolished.
I made the post about it early in 2012 while everyone was being distracted by the upcoming European Cup in football in June-July & the London Oympics

I was told I was scaremongering and unless I had proof to stop worrying people.

The proof was a source placed to know this – clearly I wasn’t going to divulge this but given that this page has always had reliable information of this nature, I was aghast to be told that because it wasn’t on Benefits & Work website at that time that it wasn’t true.

We watched but crisis loans went as planned on 31/3/13 and there was pretty much zero coverage in the media.
The Trussell Trust and other food banks had to stop helping people who weren’t on benefits- one had to have a referral, limits were placed on how often people could use a food bank in a year, on how many days worth of help was given because those who would’ve normally been able to get a crisis loan were having to use these resources

Suicides, evictions, repossessions and bankruptcy amongst the sick, the disabled and vulnerable soared and continue to, under this government. So just one gunshots being swapped for another is not going to bring about the massive changes needed now to reverse the effects of the cuts.
Even if there was, it’s too late for the widows and families of those who are gone due to this brutal regime.

We can’t allow a whitewash. We just can’t.


3 thoughts on “Reversed Disability cuts? The government has hardly scratched the surface.

  1. It’s a good job the bombing in Brussels has happened today to wipe all the tory troubles off the agenda – boy, it’s almost as if it was planned. The conservatives really are compassionate – leaving us to trust them to ‘get it right’ whilst finding the ‘real’ baddies somewhere else. Lock up your daughters there’s a bad wind coming – the ‘gay cure’ disciple Crabb has announced his entrance

  2. On another forum I too was told off by someone claiming to be high up in Dpac for merely repeating the £1.5 billion budget being put aside for retesting of 2 million support group for the famous 10 hours work! Told you was going to be responsible for making people self harm.. Some of those in the movement need to get the head out the sand.

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