“The DWP Should Limit Any Form Of Contact With Humans To No More Than One Threat Per Month”

Same Difference

A very moving post, spotted on Facebook:

Bloody annoyed. First I get the ESA form. Took me awhile to fill in because my hands shake and spasm so much that it is difficult controlling the pen. Also, I found there is more than enough of repetition that I got really annoyed.

Next, I got a letter on Saturday, a great long thing from the DWP, telling me how DLA is coming to an end, and I will be invited to apply for PIP. It took me the whole of six pages to realise that this wasn’t happening to me right now, but may be happening soon.

I had a hard enough time with one over long form to fill in, a letter threatening that it should be sent before 21st March, and the threat of ending DLA in favour of PIP which they might grant if there is an…

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