Partially sighted amputee told he no longer qualifies for disability benefits

An amputee from Cornwall says he’s shocked and angry after being told he’s not considered disabled enough to receive benefits.

Mr Hart had an assessment for the new Personal Independence Payment in January. But then only last week a letter from the Department of Work arrived with stunning news for him and his wife Emma.

He said ‘I’ve lost my disability allowance’. I said don’t be silly you’re joking, and he said ‘I’m not’.

I was totally shocked. It took a while to sink in I must admit.  I couldn’t function, didn’t eat my evening meal, couldn’t sit down, couldn’t settle, didn’t sleep. I couldn’t understand it, couldn’t understand the decision at all.

– Emma Hart, Richard’s wife

Richard’s left leg was amputated 15 years ago after breaking it in an awkward fall.     It didn’t heal well partly as a result of his Type 1 diabetes. He can drive an automatic car, but problems with one eye means he can’t drive at night.
He’s also awaiting surgery on an arthritic right knee.

Just three years ago social services recognised his problems and provided a grant for a downstairs wet room which Richard says has made a real difference…………………………………………………

The loss of his disability benefits also means he’ll no longer qualify for a car through the motability scheme, and Emma will lose her carers allowance.

After the release of Richard’s story, he received a call telling him he would be reassessed and could expect a new decision in two weeks.

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